Thursday, January 5, 2012

I resolve....

Remember the blog project I did last year with three other women? Well, Froggie decided to resurrect it with me and we each got to invite another friend to join us. She invited a mutual friend (someone I met through her) and I invited a friend whose blog I really enjoy reading. So now it's Froggie, Mom of Many, Moma Rock and Merrylandgirl. Hope you enjoy the topics that we'll be exploring!

This week, Moma Rock picked the topic: Given that this Thursday is already into the new year, I'd like to hear about everyone's new year's resolutions for 2012, as well as highlights they'd like to bring up from 2011.

Before reading ahead, first see what everyone else had to say on this topic:
Mom of Many
Moma Rock

Last year, I couldn't come up with any real resolutions, so I did a fun post about "anti-resolutions." I can proudly say that I didn't post songs that were in my head on Facebook, and will see if I can stick with that in 2012. It was pretty challenging, knowing me and the radio playing in my mind 24/7! I also did not give birth to an alien. Although it is foreign territory to raise a girl after two boys.... :)

I am getting real this year and posting some resolutions that I hope to keep.

1. Bake more from scratch. I use mixes a lot and there are tons of good recipes to try without relying on a mix at all.
2. Connect better with friends. Check at least one friend's page on Facebook a day and see what they're up to. Comment on one of their recent posts. I realize that I've been way out of tune with what has been going on with friends I don't speak with on a daily basis. I missed one friend's daughter's birth by about 5 MONTHS!!! I felt awful about that.
3. Really get back to losing those last 10 pounds of baby weight and fit back into my regular clothes again. I know weight loss is a cliché goal, but it's necessary for me!
4. Learn how to drive the van. We've only had it for a year and I have yet to get behind the wheel.
5. Go on a real vacation with my husband and kids, even if it's only a weekend getaway.

I think that's enough for now. I shall reassess at the end of 2012 and see how many I've kept!

I recently did a post about highlights from 2011. Since I don't feel like repeating myself, you can check it out here.

Happy (belated) new year!


Sara said...

Good resolutions! I'd like to hear more about this van... LOL... is it a manual?

corine said...

it mirrors mine (down to the 10 lbs to lose) but my van driving days are behind me, thank goodness. have a great new year