Thursday, June 24, 2010

I have my flaws

I have a few friends who knit and blog and we've decided to embark on a blog project that has nothing to do with knitting. We're going to take turns coming up with a topic every Thursday and we each have to blog about it by the end of that day and post links to each others' blogs so that people can see our different perspectives on the same topic.

Check out the backstory about how the project was conceived and how we all came together.

Here are the other blogs:

Froggie Knits Like Crazy
Charmingly Random
Desperate Madness

This week Charmingly Random inquired:Tell me about your worst habits

When Froggie and I were at overnight camp together during the summer before 7th grade, we made a deal that whomever bit their nails first had to buy the other a pack of Bubble Tape. I'm pretty sure I was the one who had to pay up, as I can't not bite my nails. I still have this bad habit and therefore have very short nails. My husband once tried getting me to paint Thum (the stuff with the bitter taste) on my nails, but I refused. I need to curb this habit because my kids stick their fingers in their mouths and I'm afraid it's because of my bad influence. When I'm not biting, I'm picking at them. It's something I do to alleviate stress and anxiety. I don't know that I'll ever grow out of it, seeing that I'm close to my mid-30's and still biting away.

I also thought I'd take this opportunity to bring up some other bad habits that I have a hard time breaking:

* Obsessiveness: I have a thing with checking every door in the house to make sure it is locked before going to bed. I can't go to bed until this happens. I also check my alarm clock settings constantly before retiring for the night. And as the other bloggers in this group know, I'm always the first to finish my blog project post for the week!

* Procrastination: This is a huge one for me, but I'll talk more about it later....What?!?

* Yelling: I tend to go that route when I'm frustrated. I feel bad when I yell at the kids though. I have a hard time counting to 10 before blasting off.

* Being disorganized, especially in the house: Someone will clean (maybe me) and then I manage to put down a piece of mail, a toy or something else wherever I am standing at the time. I then collect everything in a box and forget to put all the items away. (Either that, or I procrastinate on doing so.) I also am TERRIBLE about putting away laundry. Currently, there's a huge pile of clothes on my older son's bedroom floor and there will soon be one on mine too.

Once someone told my (late) maternal grandma that she was perfect. Her answer? "Oh, I have my flaws." So now I can say the same. (I think some of our flaws are similar, although she would never yell.)


Sarah said...

I also still bit my nails sometimes, though at least not as much as I used to as a kid. I also used to have some of that stuff you paint on your nails so they taste bad, but I actually didn't think it tasted that bad, so it didn't work.
I'm also a terrible procrastinator, and I also just sorted and put away the laundry that I did like a week ago :)

sharawright said...

My parents put that bitter stuff on my thumb when I sucked it as a kid. :) It wasn't bad enough for me to just suck through... until I was 9 years old.
Seriously... That was a bad habit I'm glad I kicked!!
Aaron bites his nails too... Down to the nub.
We do have a lot in common with the procrastiation!! :)