Thursday, April 10, 2014

If the shoe fits...or doesn't

Our blog project group has once again changed by one member, but I'm still calling it Blog Project 3.0. The newest member is Darwin Shrugged, a friend of Froggie's. I recently got to know her better through "52 Stories" and I look forward to what she has to say on the upcoming topics.

This week Froggie chose the topic: Write about something no one would ever guess about you.

First, read what everyone else had to share on this topic:
Darwin Shrugged
Moma Rock

A few years ago, I chose a topic similar to this, but aside from Froggie and myself, the other bloggers were completely different. At the time, I talked about a trip abroad that I took when I was almost 16.

Since that time, I've covered every topic possible about my life and what makes me who I am. I could be considered an open book for all the sharing I've done. So it was hard to come up with something that you might not guess, but I think I did.

Being a huge chick lit fan, you'd think that I'd be into something that most chick lit characters are into, but I'm surprisingly not. What would that be, you ask? Why, shoes, of course.

There you have it: I don't like shoes.

I thought it was just that I didn't like shopping for them, but I just have little interest in shoes outside of protecting my feet and making sure I am dressed for the right occasion. When I absolutely have to buy shoes, I keep them as simple as possible and hope that they'll be comfortable too.

The truth of the matter is that I have huge feet. I don't know where they came from because my mom and sister have cute little feet that allow them to buy equally cute little shoes. I feel like Peggy Hill in comparison! I'm between 8 1/2 and 9, depending on the kind of shoe. The choices for this size aren't as cute or as plentiful, so shopping for shoes is a complete drag. I have a hard time finding anything that fits just right or that even looks nice on my foot. I also don't feel I need a different pair of shoes for every outfit, so I try to get neutral colors that will go with most outfits. Therefore, I don't have a collection to rival Carrie Bradshaw's. Then there's a matter of the style and even the availability in my size. The price factors in too. I hate shopping retail but I also don't like the selection at the thrift store. So I usually hit up Payless when they have a big sale. Of course, the pairs I like aren't part of the sale. Murphy's Law, right?

I don't only dislike getting shoes for myself, but also for my kids. My younger son has issues with any shoes I get him that aren't sneakers, which makes getting Shabbos shoes a real pain. My daughter has become a fashion diva and no shoe is good enough for her. I think she only goes after the most expensive ones. The last time I took her to get sneakers, I felt like I was having a hot flash in the middle of the store. Yes, shoe shopping provokes that feeling for me. I know I could buy them online, but that also makes me anxious because I need to be able to try on the shoes before I buy them and I don't want to deal with waiting and then having to ship them back if they don't fit. I rarely can find a pair of shoes I truly love and when I do, those wear out the fastest! I got this one pair of nice shoes at an outlet mall back in 2012 and they lasted for a while before the insides came out and I couldn't wear them comfortably anymore. I couldn't find another pair like them, at least not in my size. The next pair I got is okay, but sometimes they hurt my feet if I walk in them for too long. I also feel like the colors look slightly mismatched.

The outlet mall shoes

Even as a kid, I hated going shoe shopping. I thought shoe stores were the most boring places next to hardware stores. My mom told me that when I was really young, I'd freak out when shoe salesmen tried to touch my feet. Maybe my hatred for shoe shopping stems from there? Still, I wish slippers were made with rubber soles so I could just wear them everywhere. I love slippers and wouldn't mind wearing them all the time. Until someone invents "anywhere slippers," I'll just have to wear my current shoes until they're unwearable and then I'm forced to buy new shoes for myself again.

There's only one kind of shoe that I truly like wearing. They look like a mix between sneakers and nice shoes and work well for walking to shul (except in the rain, since my feet get wet through the little holes). They're more comfortable than most shoes I own, but they even go through a lot of wear and tear. The velcro stops sticking after a while and that's when I need to replace them again. The pair shown here is the second pair I've had of this kind of shoe. I am now on to my third pair and I hope they'll hang in there a little longer so that I don't have to venture out to the shoe store again anytime soon! A friend recently left shoes here and they actually fit me, even though they're a smaller size than I normally wear. She said it wasn't worth shipping them back for how much they cost to begin with and said I could keep them if they fit. Since they are perfect for my spring and summer wardrobe and I have no desire to go shoe shopping again anytime soon (haven't I said that already....yeah, I'm that adamant about it), they're staying right here.

And in case you're wondering, I haven't brought myself to read Beth Harbison's "Shoe Addict" books because I feel like I won't be able to relate at all. (Getting back to #FirstWorldProblems here...)


Denise K. said...

OMG I also hate shoes! I have average-sized feet, which means my size is never in stock. And I have plantar fascitis, which means everything hurts. I have (had?) a pair of Born slip on clogs I literally wore to death -- they just kicked it last week on vacation. I searched in vain for a replacement and ended up buying the most similar pair I could find on eBay (for $10!). I eagerly await their arrival ... Great post! I'm glad I'm not alone!

Sara said...

I love this! I wear 6 1/2-7, so whenever I want a pair of cute shoes, they are usually sold out! While I appreciate a good pair of shoes, I get more excited by a pair of running shoes- everything else pales in comparison. :)

Janine said...

I admit, I am a shoe addict. Actually, I wear 8.5. I find it hard to find the shoes because they sell out quick. I have a friend who works in a shoe store and told me this is the most common sizes for women. So, I don't wait for the sale when I find some I love. I get them before they sell out.