Thursday, November 10, 2011

Who wears short shorts? (Not me!)

Remember the blog project I did last year with three other women? Well, Froggie decided to resurrect it with me and we each got to invite another friend to join us. She invited a mutual friend (someone I met through her) and I invited a friend whose blog I really enjoy reading. So now it's Froggie, Mom of Many, Moma Rock and Merrylandgirl. Hope you enjoy the topics that we'll be exploring!

This week, Moma Rock (inspired by a pair of "jeggings") picked the topic: What is something (or a bunch of things if you are so inclined) you wouldn't be caught dead wearing?

Before reading ahead, first see what everyone else had to say on this topic:
Mom of Many
Moma Rock

I used to wear shorts all the time. In high school, I'd wear them over tights in the winter. A majority of my wardrobe involved shorts in some way or another. When I moved to a more observant Jewish community in 2007, I was still wearing shorts during the summer. It was really hot out and they were the only things that felt comfortable in our house with very little air conditioning.

That all changed in 2008. I felt out of place wearing shorts in an observant community and decided to get rid of my collection. I would only wear skirts or pants during the summer. I figured that women who are even more observant than I am could wear long sleeves and long skirts during the hot summer months, I could deal with not wearing shorts anymore. I was also working at a job where it would have been inappropriate to show up in shorts. I soon fell into a comfortable routine with my new clothing decision. Not wearing shorts didn't bother me at all.

It has been three years since I made that decision and I don't even miss wearing shorts now. I sometimes wear them to work out in the privacy of my home, but I usually prefer sweatpants, even in the summer. I don't really have a need for shorts though. I wear skirts, dresses or pants to work. I wear skirts or dresses on Shabbat and holidays. I wear jeans or denim skirts on days off and Sundays. Shorts are a thing of the past to me. I'd almost feel foolish wearing them now, like I wasn't meant to wear them. They're not a part of my personality anymore, if that makes any sense.

I don't know that I could go the full distance when it comes to modest dressing. I'm glad my community is Modern Orthodox and most of the women wear short sleeves in the summer. I don't think I could give up my short sleeved shirts and dresses. I would get too hot in long sleeves all the time. Every season has a dress code and I'm sticking with what is comfortable within reason. In any case, while I do cover my hair on Shabbat and holidays, I would never be caught dead in a sheitel (wig). I understand the reasons behind a sheitel, but I tried one on for fun once and it looked horrible on me. Another reason I'm glad about the flexibility in my community!

Oh yeah, and I would never wear a snuggie, but that's because they look ridiculous to me. Just give me a good old-fashioned blanket anyday!


Sara said...

I like your snuggie comment; that's one I forgot to add to my list! A very well written post!

Mom of many said...

But, you know, when it is raining, sleeting, and snowing at a soccer game, a snuggy is a very useful piece of outer wear. Just sayin' I covet the snuggy in situations like that.