Thursday, November 21, 2013


Our blog project group has once again changed by one member, but I'm still calling it Blog Project 3.0. The newest member is Darwin Shrugged, a friend of Froggie's. I recently got to know her better through "52 Stories" and I look forward to what she has to say on the upcoming topics.

This week, Froggie chose the topic: Indecision

First, read what everyone else had to share on this topic:
Darwin Shrugged
Moma Rock

"You know what your decision is, which is not to decide."--Cinderella, Into the Woods

"Go ahead, make your choice!"--Ursula, The Little Mermaid

"To be, or not to be, that is the question:"--Hamlet

"Should I stay or should I go?"--The Clash

Ironically enough, I've had a really hard time deciding what to write about for this week's post. I first thought I should write about a time when I had trouble making a decision. However, I couldn't really think of a time off the top of my head. Then I thought I should collect quotes like the four above. I lost the motivation to do that after a while. So I'm just writing about what comes to mind. I am dealing with a cold at the moment, so if I sound like I'm not making any sense, that's probably why! I am still on the fence between writing this post now and watching an episode of The Mindy Project. If I watch one episode, I'll have to watch another afterward and then I won't get much done at all! (It's kind of like the effect of giving a mouse a cookie, or a moose a muffin.)

I saw a new musical this past weekend called If/Then. It's a Sliding Doors type of story where you see how one woman's life could go in two different directions, based on a choice she makes. I don't want to say too much without spoiling it though. All I can say is that even throughout each path of this woman's life, there are still other times when she has to make huge decisions based on how they will impact her life. Should she trust the guy she's dating? Should she take a job that will take her career to new heights? Should she help her friend's cause at the risk of her job? As she makes each decision, she's taken on even more paths in each version of her life. There's a song in the musical that talks about looking back on life and wondering "what if?" I'm sure we all do that. We wonder how our lives would be different if we chose even one thing differently. Would we end up in the same place we are now or would our lives take drastic turns in another direction entirely? A few years ago (oddly enough, on my younger son's birthday), I gave a lot of thought to this question. This is what I came up with.

Along similar lines, I read a novel recently called The Theory of Opposites, by Allison Winn Scotch. I talked about the concepts in my review. It's basically about a woman who tries to defy her father's theory that everything happens because it is meant to be. She tests this out by taking dares from her best friend to see if they affect the path her life is destined to be on. Again, I don't want to spoil things. It just makes me think that even if we decide something, how much else about our life is within our control? Is there an outside force propelling us to choose one path over another?

In the first quote I shared, Cinderella is stuck to the steps of the palace when the prince tries to keep her from running away by pouring a sticky substance there. However, she finds a way out of it and manages to put the decision in his hands. ("You just leave him a clue. For example, a shoe. And then see what he'll do...") Even so, she still made a choosing to leave the shoe behind instead of taking both with her and getting out of there altogether. It goes to show that deciding not to decide is still a decision. Oh, you know what I mean!

I think I'm starting to ramble now, so I'll leave you with this thought...
If it comes down to making a difficult decision, I find it best to go with your instincts. Even if you have some regrets in the end, you know you made the decision that felt truly right for you. And who knows where that decision may lead in the future? There are so many possibilities down each path you choose to explore!


Sara said...

I've known people who have felt as though a decision they made was the best one- and others who feel it was the worst one, but in the end, I guess we all have to live with what we've chosen. No other way around that! Great post, Melissa!

Denise K. said...

Hmmm, so many comments. I didn't know that about Cinderella. I know have The Clash song stuck in my head. My husband loves the "sliding doors" stuff, imagining how things would be if he hadn't chosen "x" and instead chose "y." Love it!