Saturday, November 30, 2013

30 days of Gratitude

Some people did this on Facebook, but I decided to do it for my blog instead.

I am grateful for:

Nov 1: Hashem, for making all of this possible.
Nov 2: My husband
Nov 3: My kids
Nov 4: My parents and sister
Nov 5: My friends....both near and far
Nov 6: The fact that my kids got to meet some of their great-grandparents
Nov 7: Having a stable job, no matter how crazy it gets sometimes. I love where I work and what we do for the Jewish community.
Nov 8: The Mindy Project...for being the show to make me laugh the hardest this year.
Nov 9: That even though it's a mad rush to get ready for Shabbat, we get our Saturday nights back for a few months.
Nov 10: That one of my good friends lives close enough that we can meet up from time to time...just hoping it will be more often than not next year!
Nov 11: Every person who has served our Nation in the Armed Forces
Nov 12: My local book club
Nov 13: That my book blog is thriving
Nov 14: That my daughter is obsessed with The Little Mermaid because there could be worse things to be obsessed with (thinking back to my older son's "Wiggles" phase).
Nov 15: All the little things I take for granted.
Nov 16: Friends to visit with on Shabbat
Nov 17: Getting to see a cool new musical before it goes to Broadway.
Nov 18: Being in the right place at the right time, which allowed me to connect with a friend I had only seen around on Facebook up until this year. Now we try to meet for lunch once a month and I enjoy chatting with her!
Nov 19: That I live in a state with a country music station. Not sure how I went without it for two years!
Nov 20: My mother-in-law, for bringing an amazing man into the world...she's the one who raised him to be that way, after all!
Nov 21: Finishing an incredible novel that I only had to wait five years to read!
Nov 22: That we live in such an amazing community. After over four years, I still love living here!
Nov 23: Having a night to myself. I enjoy spending time with my husband after Shabbat, but it's also nice to watch a Nicholas Sparks movie and some Mindy Project episodes without being teased. ;)
Nov 24: Cochlear implants, which are still truly a miracle. They're the reason my daughter was singing "Part of Your World" in the middle of Target.
Nov 25: That I'm feeling better from my cold.
Nov 26: An invigorating and thought provoking seminar at work about gratitude!
Nov 27: That I don't work in retail
Nov 28: That Thanksgiving and Hanukkah will not be together like this again in my lifetime, so experiencing it is quite legen...wait for it...dary.
Nov 29: My mother, who celebrates her birthday today. (I know I mentioned parents earlier, but I also appreciate the relationship my mom and I have. We had a great time bonding during her visit last month and we have a lot of common interests.)
Nov 30: My BFF, who celebrates her birthday today. I wrote this post for her birthday last year.


Allie Smith said...

Love it Melissa! You're a lucky lady. Curious about which novel took you five years to read?

Rina said...