Thursday, February 16, 2012

My Funny Valentine's Day

Remember the blog project I did last year with three other women? Well, Froggie decided to resurrect it with me and we each got to invite another friend to join us. She invited a mutual friend (someone I met through her) and I invited a friend whose blog I really enjoy reading. So now it's Froggie, Mom of Many, Moma Rock and Merrylandgirl. Hope you enjoy the topics that we'll be exploring!

This week, Mom of Many picked the topic: What is your funniest Valentine's Day memory?

Before reading ahead, first see what everyone else had to say on this topic:
Mom of Many
Moma Rock

Ironically enough, this topic is almost forcing me to bring up a memory from a past I rarely ever blog about. It all has to do with an episode of "The Simpsons" in which Lisa gives Ralphie Wiggum a Valentine's Day card that says "I Choo-Choo-Choose You." See this very quick clip for more information. The best line is when Ralphie says "It's funny because it says 'I choo-choo-choose you' and there's a picture of a train!" In any case, I was in that honeymoon stage with the guy I was dating in college. When we decided to exchange Valentine's Day cards, it turned out that we both made each other a variation on the card from this episode of "The Simpsons." We had a good laugh and enjoyed our psychic moment.

Now that I've shared that, I would like to reflect on a funny Valentine's "prank" that my husband and I came up with when we were out for our last Valentine's dinner prior to having kids. We went to Wildfire (prior to not eating non-Kosher meat), which is a very nice and romantic restaurant. We thought that it would be funny to clap anytime someone were to accidentally get on one knee because it would look like they were proposing. It would be even better to get other patrons in the restaurant to clap, as well. We never got the opportunity to do so, but we entertained ourselves with that notion all evening. Ironically enough, when we were out for our anniversary at the Signature Room (at the Hancock building) a month later, we did witness a proposal. It was such a random Monday night in March that we never saw it coming. Anyhow, if you ever decide to try this "prank," let me know what happens!

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Janine said...

That's awesome. I guess me and my ex had the psychic moment too. We were both cat lovers and exchanged the same card on our first Valentine's day. Our first date and during our honeymoon, we went to a cat show.