Thursday, February 9, 2012

Stay "Gold"

Remember the blog project I did last year with three other women? Well, Froggie decided to resurrect it with me and we each got to invite another friend to join us. She invited a mutual friend (someone I met through her) and I invited a friend whose blog I really enjoy reading. So now it's Froggie, Mom of Many, Moma Rock and Merrylandgirl. Hope you enjoy the topics that we'll be exploring!

This week, I picked the topic: Create something based on a fairy tale: TV series, movie, novel, musical...your choice! Talk about how you'd do it and if it's performance based, who you'd cast.

Before reading ahead, first see what everyone else had to say on this topic:
Mom of Many
Moma Rock

I have this thing about "Goldilocks." It's a pretty basic story and about as unbelievable as they get. Talking bears who know how to cook?!? There's a lot of repetition between what Goldilocks does and what the bears come home to in the aftermath. Back when I was in high school, I was helping my sister's friend write a fractured fairy tale and we decided to do "Goldie-Lox and the Three Bubbes." I think I ended up doing most of the writing and peppered it with some Yiddish words. This time, my take on Goldilocks is of a chick lit stance. What other way would I do it, right?!?

"Just Right"

Goldie was working at an investment firm in NYC, until they went down due to a Ponzi scheme. She ends up losing her job in a tough economy, along with her Upper West Side apartment, and is now a squatter for abandoned apartments in Manhattan. In the meantime, she has been keeping a food themed blog called "Just Right," where she does food and restaurant reviews. Giving it a "just right" rating means everything is of the best quality. She even rates the comfortableness of restaurant furniture with "just right" also meaning best quality. A major newspaper stumbles upon her blog and offers her a freelance job as a restaurant critic. Soon, she's the critic everyone wants to have at their restaurant. She's asked to be on TV shows and is given a full-time job at the newspaper. At one point, she ends up going to the restaurant of the hottest chef in the city. (Both in quality and looks.) However, she doesn't like his cooking style. In the meantime, she's squatting at one of the most posh apartments in the city. When the hot chef finds out her secret by accident, they may be able to strike a deal that will benefit both of them...Will she give him a bad review and risk his wrath along with her secret or give a good, but dishonest review and risk losing her job and good restaurant critic reputation?

Since I love asking authors who they'd cast if their book were optioned for film, I'll do the same for myself. I'd cast someone like Kristen Bell as Goldie and since everyone seems to love Ryan Gosling these days, he could be the hot chef.

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