Monday, February 6, 2012

Top 10 list to celebrate a big 10!

Ten years ago today, I met the man I now proudly call my husband. It was the first time we met in person after a couple of nights of long phone calls and lots of e-mails in between. He asked me to meet him for hot cocoa instead of coffee, which affirmed that this "date" would be the end all, be all. (Neither of us drink coffee, so it was cliché to ask to meet up for it.) And when we met in person, I just felt this comfortable familiarity. My BFF even accidentally "safety-called" me. The timing was amusing as she didn't know we were meeting up at the time, and also because I definitely didn't need a safety call!
While watching an episode of "How I Met Your Mother" a while back, it talked about all the catalysts that allow for a certain circumstance to occur. I was thinking of that in the case of how I met my husband. Therefore, in honor of 10 years, I'm going to share 10 catalysts that led up to our meeting. I may find a way to share this all as a story someday, but for now, this will have to do.

1. Dating a guy almost two years earlier, who got me involved in a bowling league.
2. My husband going to Miami University, which allowed him to meet our matchmaker.
3. "Jack's" Super Bowl party, which was the reason I had to bowl for my league earlier in the day. (Even though my husband teases me about blowing off a potential bowling date with him for this party.)
4. A mutual friend in town from NJ for a job interview, who also happened to be friends with our matchmaker.
5. My BFF, who is a catalyst in a huge way, and not just because of the events leading up to my life-changing proclamation.
6. A friend who shared a last name with me at the time, who introduced me to the friend from NJ on Thanksgiving 2001.
7. My husband finding a job in Chicago and then realizing he didn't want to live in the city after one year.
8. My husband deciding not to join everyone for drinks that evening. (If he had come along, he might not have had the same impression of me.)
9. The Birthright trip I took to Israel, which made me want to go to temple (and find a guy who also liked going to temple).
10. The concept of besherte.

If any of these items had been missing, I'm not sure that my husband and I would have met. I feel so fortunate that we have met and I love him more than anything (aside from our kids).

*Picture was taken in May 2002, when we were attending a friend's wedding.

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Froggie said...

I had no idea he was suppose to go out with us that evening... that is too crazy!

Happy 10 years! (and many more.) I love you both very much!